Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summerfest 2010 - Day 7, Wednesday, June 30

Greetings everyone. My quest to "run the gauntlet" is becoming more clear as each day passes. Last night was Day 7 of 11 days of the World's Largest Music Festival. I had free tickets, but needed to be at the grounds by 4:00pm. Got there at 4:07 and got in just fine. Cutting it close though. Head over to the U.S. Cellular Stage to claim 3rd row seats. A bit early but camping out at a stage and listening to band after band after band is always a good time...except when the bands aren't that good.

Now the U.S. Cellular Stage sponsors the Emerging Artists Series between 3 and 7pm. This series focuses on new bands trying to make a name for themselves. Some are really good, while others are not. Arriving at 4pm, we saw three bands from the Emerging Artists Series.

As we arrived at 4:15pm, we saw The Blakes. Now, to be honest with you, I don't remember much from this three-piece act, except that the drummer looked like a spaz. Looked like he was trying way too hard. Possibly due to lack of upper body strength or talent...or both.

Next up at 5:30pm was Shorelines End. Again, not a whole lot to remember. Weren't that good and only played a 30 minute set.

Right around 7:00pm, the last of the Emerging Artists for this day took the stage, Cinder Road. This band had promise. I heard a song or two from them. Had a decent rock sound. Lead singer reminded me of Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. The band, as a whole, reminded me of the surfers from the movie Point Break, except these guys were a band and not bank robbers. The bassist actually looked like Turtle from the movie North Shore.  With all these comparisons and no talk about their music, you get the hint that they weren't high on my list...but better than the previous 2 bands.

The 8:00pm band was The Nikki Barr band.  Can you say TERRIBLE.  Female lead singer who couldn't really sing. She spent some time talking about how "rock music has gotten too much pussified" and other sexual references. Next!

10:00pm brought on one of my favorite bands...Chevelle! These guys have never failed to put on a great show! Saw them and met them at Summerfest in 2007. Saw them again within the last year with Buckcherry at The Rave.  Great show!!  Sound quality was lackluster as the vocals were again drowned out by the rest of the band...BUT I don't put that against Chevelle...the sound at the U.S. Cellular Stage has been weak all weak long. They should definitely invest in some upgrades. Music was killer. Performance was awesome! Bass rocked it hard!!!!

Today is Day 8. Started with golf at Silver Spring Country Club.  Tonight...The Offspring.

Rock on!!!!

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  1. Nice post - including references to two surfing movies!! Well done!