Friday, July 16, 2010

You can go back, but things may not be the same

It's been twenty years since I've lived in CT. Sure I've visited here and there over the years. Seems like every time I come back, something has changed. I remember the heart of Putnam, CT being the K-Mart shopping plaza, a strip mall of sorts. A few restaurants here and there...Center Pizza, Athens, Someplace Special, PJ's Donuts, Ma Frosty's and a few other mom & pop places. Then the antique stores started popping up all over downtown Putnam, which was good because it brought a lot of visitors to Putnam. Putnam is now an antique shopping hot zone.  I can remember in the early 90's when they built the first McDonalds in Putnam on Route 44. At about the same time they built the Walmart that is across the street from it. Putnam now has a lot of thriving stores and the development has done wonders for the city. When I was growing up, there wasn't anything for kids to do. Most of the places to shop were in other towns or in MA or RI. I barely recognize anything. I have forgotten more since I left twenty years ago than I remember. I used to know these roads through Putnam, Thompson, Danielson, etc., like the back of my hand. Last night I had to ask my parents how to get to the Raceway Lounge at the Thompson Speedway. Of course, as I drove there, it all started slowly coming back. 

It was great meeting up with Scott and his wife last night. Rehashed some old memories, told some new stories, and just caught up with each other. Things have changed and the people have changed along with them. I suppose that's what we are supposed to do, right?  But my last memories of Scott and all of my longtime friends that I will run into during my stay here are all twenty years old. We've all grown up (at least I hope we have). We've gone to the winds after high school graduation. We've taken different paths to build the lives that we now enjoy. Some have come back to settle down in northeastern Connecticut, in the area we grew up in. Some have moved to other states. No matter what route we took. No matter what our status is. No matter where we live or what we do for a living. We will always be connected by the great years spent together growing up. 

This weekend, many of my fellow classmates will meet for our 20-year high school reunion. Many have seen each other often over the years. I will be seeing most for the first time since graduation. I am very excited about seeing everyone least those that can make it. This is going to be a blast!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time

  2. Why dont you swing by NY before you head back ?

  3. Thank you, Claire.

    Jess, if was driving back, I would stop by.