Friday, July 2, 2010

Summerfest - More than just music

For the last seven or eight days, I've been writing about Summerfest and the many bands I've seen. But there is more to Summerfest than just music. There are shops. There are vendors selling all kinds of things from artwork to clothing and jewelry to home improvement products. Each of the branches of the military are represented. And the food...did I mention the food?  I know I previously mentioned that I hadn't sampled much of the food, but I have now.  The food is plentiful and delicious!  Of course, being in the Brew City, the beer is plentiful as well. Miller is obviously a huge sponsor, but other Wisconsin breweries are also on the grounds - Leinenkugel, Lakefront to name a couple.  All good. I actually prefer the microbrews to Miller.

With all the people at Summerfest, the people watching is fantastic. You can see people from all walks of life. Some wearing things that would make a priest blush. Others wearing clothes they definitely should not be wearing in public. White guys with afros. Eight in multi-colored mohawks. Emo haricuts.  And MULLETS everywhere. Could fill up an entire photo album with pictures of outstanding mullets. The bands aren't excluded. The lead singer from Paper Tongues had a 'jheri curl' mullet. The singer for Neon Trees had a mohawk mullet. Sweet!

This year we have been noticing a large contingent of 'douchebags'.  Well, of course d-bags are everywhere. There was a big d-bag in front of us at 311 last Friday, dancing like a tool and raising his fist and elbow to his girlfriend's face. They really are everywhere, we just really started to pay more attention to this breed of Summerfest goer. So much so, that we've thought about putting together a photo collection of 'Douchebags and Mullets'. Might not do that until next year, but we got a good start this year. Some real classics.

The women wear some of the craziest clothes, from short-short-shorts to 6 inch stilletos. Mini sun dresses are very common. Lots of examples of what not to wear. There are those who can pull of the short dresses and small boobilicious tank tops and there are those who should just cover up. One wrong move and they are coming out! There was one girl in a short sun dress the other night. She sat in the row in front of me. She was fairly well endowed and proceeded to pull not 1...not 2...but 5 little nip bottles of vodka from her cleavage. That's talent.  Wonder what else she had in there? Then she stuck two of them in her on each side. Yes, I got a picture of that.

Some people even showcased other hidden talents too. Such as the group of guys who built about a 6-foot tower of beer cups on the bench. Very nice! Got a picture of that too.

So there are hot girls and not-so hot girls, douchebags and tools, young people and old people, bikers and college students, good looking people and those missing teeth.  All kinds of people from all walks of life. Great for people watching.

Pictures? You are probably wondering where all the pictures are, aren't you? I have been taking pictures every day. I just haven't had the chance to post any of them yet. I will upload them to Facebook. Patience please.

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