Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summerfest 2010 - Day 6, Tuesday, June 29

Greetings followers, readers, and fellow Rock fans!! More than halfway through Summerfest now. Day 6 is in the books. Great day. Beautiful weather...though a bit on the cool side again and because of that I am now the proud owner of a new Leinenkugel's sweatshirt. Should serve me well.

The day began with 18 holes of golf at Fairways of Woodside in Sussex, WI.  This is a beautiful course. Tee time was at 10:00am. Clubhouse paired us up with another couple of guys but had us playing behind four older ladies. Holy cow!! Their farthest drive off the tee was 20 yards.  Going to be a long day...UGH. Change of plans...going off the the first tee (Clubhouse had everyone starting off the 10th).  Play was steady and good.  Solid play on the front 9 shooting 45. Back 9 turned out to be a lot more difficult ending up with a 50. Nearly didn't make the turn as one of the greens keepers lost a finger in a tragic lawnmower accident. This perplexed us though...Isn't there a warning sticker on mowers that tells you not to put your hand in there?

On with the shows...

Arrival at Summerfest about 6:30pm and straight to THECOOLTV Rock Stage. Settled in about 8 rows back from center. I did have food there. It was a delicious chicken parmesan sandwich, but couldn't tel you the name of the restaurant/booth I got it from.  I'll try to pay more attention next time. Again, beer was flowing nicely. Little Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat and some Miller Lite.

First band to perform was Some Hear Explosions. Supposed to start at 6:30pm, but was closer to 7pm. Three piece band with a female lead singer. Apparently she is originally from Wisconsin but now calls Los Angeles home. Her mom or aunt was sitting behind us. Said she was also in Papa Roach video for their song Hollywood Whore. Sat through, somewhat painfully, the first three songs before going for a walk to get my previously mentioned chicken parmesan sandwich and Leinenkugel's sweatshirt...and a beer. Lead singer was cute, which may have elevated their rankings just a tad, but the music wasn't that good. She was also the reason for my Facebook status' last night..."This next song is about f#*king."  Their last song was the best song. :-)

Some time after 8:00pm, The Last Vegas took the stage. These guys had been my "must see" band of this year's Summerfest. Mostly because I really like their album. They were pretty good live. They kind of remind me of an 80's hair band, minus the make up. Maybe L.A. Guns? They also have that 80's sound which is pretty cool. Volume on the vocals was low. The lead singer's voice was drowned out by the band a little. Overall a good show.

Met a new friend, sort of. Some really drunk kid who kept buying me beer.

The headliner for Tuesday, June 29 was Papa 'freakin' Roach. Saw them last at Summerfest in 2007. A great show then and another awesome show last night!! Outstanding!!!  Kicked azz and rocked out on most all of my favorites including Getting Away With Murder, Lifeline, Forever, Last Resort, and Kick in the Teeth. Papa Roach never fails to deliver a high energy show!!

Today is Day 7 and the headliner tonight is Chevelle. Always a great concert. Today is also the World's Largest Happy Hour between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

Raise your glasses!  Cheers!

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