Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heading Back East

Summerfest may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun stops. Summer is full of all kinds of activities, events, and festivals here in Milwaukee. Last Friday, I checked out Bastille Days for the first time. Bastille Days is North America's largest outdoor French themed festival held in downtown Milwaukee. Other than watching a contortionist fold himself up and fit himself into a small acrylic box, I wasn't impressed at all. In my opinion, it's a festival geared toward women. Most of the vendors were selling handbags and/or dresses. What about the French food?  Well...what about it?  Anyways, that was just one evening in between significant events in my Summer of fun.

But this weekend I travel to my home town of Putnam, CT for an extended weekend stay.  The big event this weekend is my 20-year high school reunion. This should be really interesting as I haven't seen most of my classmates since graduation. The most interaction I have had with my fellow classmates has been on Facebook. After graduation, I attended the University of Connecticut for two years. I joined the Marine Corps in 1993 and haven't been back to CT for any longer than a few days at any one time. Facebook has enabled me to reconnect with a lot of the people I went to high school with. People change over the course of time. We all grow up, in one way, shape, or form. After high school graduation, it seemed as though everyone went to the winds. I guess after college, a lot of my classmates moved back to, or near, our home town of Putnam. Others never went back, including me. Now, twenty years later, I will get to see many of them in person. 

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