Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great times with family and friends!

This trip to CT has been nothing short of a great time so far for me. Arrived last Thursday and spent a couple hours with a friend and his wife. Friday was a little more relaxed. I visited my 94 year old grandfather and had a couple of beers with him. Took him a few minutes to remember who I was, but he did. He still loves to tell his stories about Pearl Harbor and his Hawaiian girlfriends. I took a nostalgic drive around the neighboring towns and areas that I grew up in. So much has changed. So many great memories though. Visited another friend Friday night that lived just down the street from my parents house. This is a funny story about how much I have really forgotten around here as far as roads and how to get around. I asked my friend where she lived. She said "Cleveland street." I told her that I didn't know where that was. So she asked me where I was. I told her "my parents' house on Breault Street." She replies, "You jackass, I'm just around the corner, you can walk." I laughed really hard at that.

Saturday there was a big family party at my cousin's house. Just about everyone was there. One glaring exception was my brother, who is in Iraq at the moment. "Brother, I had a couple beers for you!" The party was a celebration of my twin aunt's 60th birthday, my cousin's 40th birthday, and her daughter's 18th birthday and high school graduation. It was really great seeing everyone again. Was hotter than two squirrels doing it in a wool sock though. Beer was cold.  Grandpa was there, but the heat got to him and we had to take him home. I definitely got a firsthand experience in geriatric care. Thank you to everyone for a great time!!!!

Saturday night I met up with some classmates at a restaurant that I used to work at in high school, Someplace Special. They recently remodeled it and it looks amazing. One of the guys who worked there with me in high school now runs it. Had a few beers. Reminisced. Caught up with each other. Then we headed to the Lake Tavern to see Copperhead perform. I'm friends with the drummer and his wife, whom I graduated with. That was a lot of fun.

The fun doesn't stop there though. Today is my 20-year high school reunion and the main reason for this particular trip to CT. It is going to be so cool seeing everyone again. Stay tuned for pictures, they are coming.

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