Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summerfest 2010 - Day 10, Saturday, July 3

After attending the first nine days of Summerfest and making it to the last weekend, it's really all downhill from here. Day 10 was much more relaxing than previous days. The crew I was hanging with dwindled to three. Summerfest still rocked on though.

Headed down to the grounds after dropping a couple friends off at the airport. For the first time I actually walked past the Harley-Davidson stage to the south side of the park. Saw the new Saz restaurant and the new layout for the M&I Classic Rock stage.  Lot more space with the new setup. Only about 5:00pm and people are already lining up for the fireworks.

First stop was JoJo's Martini Lounge for a couple of martinis. Always a great place to relax and enjoy a drink or two.

Continued walking around, past the Briggs & Stratton stage, a stage I have NEVER been to. Then a new, small, very small stage...Cascio Interstate Music Groove Stage. Enough bleachers for about 100 people maybe. Seemed like it was a stage for bands that are just starting out...garage bands. Moving on...

Over to the Miller Lite Oasis to check out Here Come the Mummies. SO glad we stopped by! These guys were dressed as mummies and their songs were HILARIOUS!!  Lots of sexual innuendos and funny costumes and props. With song titles like Libido Knievel, Horizontal Mambo, Boom Boom Room, and Attack of the Weiner Man. Definitely haven't seen anything like that before.  I'm going to try to get their songs. I got my picture taken with one of the mummies.  Pictures coming soon, promise.  Though I did make a huge mistake by forgetting my camera at the house this day. Had to rely on my cell phone and other people's pictures.

Somewhere around 7:30pm, settled in at THECOOLTV Rock Stage waiting for Framing Hanley. Newer band and wasn't sure what to expect. Album I listened to was decent. Live performance not so much. Their look didn't match their sound. They have more of a rock sound, but an emo look, like Fall Out Boy. Listened to about four songs and left.

Fireworks started after 9:00pm...not sure of the exact time.  Fireworks are fireworks and they are always cool. These were no different. Before the fireworks, an Army veteran who had just returned from Iraq had sung the National Anthem at the M&I Classic Rock Stage.

Made it through the massive crowds back to THECOOLTV Rock Stage in time for the band that I was there to see, Flyleaf. Saw Flyleaf at Summerfest back in 2007 when they were an 8:00pm act. Headliners this year. They were a great show then and I thought they were better this year. Guess you should expect bands to get better after time. I normally don't care for rock bands with female lead singers, but Flyleaf is an exception. Love the energy! Singer belts out the lyrics and twirled. Lead guitarist kept zipping back and forth across the stage. The bass player was climbing and jumping off of speakers and amps all night long.  Then the other guitarist just stood there on the right side of the stage.  Great energy!  Great show!

Today is Day 11, the last day of Summerfest.  Not going today would be like running a marathon and stopping at mile 20. Two bands on tap for tonight, Sick Puppies at 8:00pm and Silversun Pickups at 10:00pm.  Different stages so not sure how it will work. If the crowd is as insane as it has been, just may skip the Sick Puppies and catch Against Me, who are on the same stage as Silversun Pickups.

One more day! One more day!

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