Monday, July 5, 2010

Summerfest 2010 - That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap people! Summerfest 2010 is officially over! As I mentioned in my previous post, it definitely is bittersweet. Summerfest is such a great time! Live music. Cold beer. Good food. Great friends...and Memorable times!!!

11 Days and 34 bands later, I have completed what I set out to do. To those who said I couldn't do it, or wouldn't do it..."How You Like Me Now?"

These last 11 days have been so amazingly fun! Always a great time! I have such a passion for music and a love for live music that Summerfest has been like my mecca ~ an annual pilgrimage to a place that feeds my heart and soul and allows me to escape reality and recharge my mind.

I have to give a hearty Thank You to the crew of awesome friends, and friends of friends, I had the opportunity to share in this experience with...THANK YOU to Mark and Pam, Hillary, Dusty, Heather, Chad, Joe and Jaime, Nicki, Rick, Kevin and Amy, Angie, and Mark. Also a Thank You to some new friends I made...Pam, Melissa, Joe, and Carla.

Some notes from the last 11 days that may or may not have made it to any blog entries:

  • Good to see the bands and stages using more banners, lights, and effects than in years past
  • U.S. Cellular Stage - Based on the sound of Silversun Pickups last night, Chevelle might have just sucked...though I do think they need to upgrade that sound system
  • Did not hear Todd Rungren's Bang The Drum All Day ("I don't want to work, I want to bang on the drum all day")...It was always a fun way to end the night.
  • It was a year for HOT female rockers, but maybe I just paid more attention this year. Skillet's drummer, Jen Ledger, is smokin' hot!  
  • Being up close is so much better
  • Guitar picks are cool, but only if they have the band's name/logo on them
  • Only one round of golf this year for me
  • The "streak" is over, Barry - I kept it going as long as I could. It was a valiant effort though and fun
  • High Fives are FREE
I believe I mentioned in the beginning that my friends and I do post-Summerfest ranking of the bands that we saw. I highly doubt that I will do a traditional ranking based on the number of bands I saw, but I may do a Top 5/Bottom 5. I may also do something a little different. My friends know that I've added something new just about every year. It started when I did my first Summerfest Review w/Pictures. It's grown since then and now I have this blog. Stay tuned for the rankings. Pictures are coming. Today is my day to relax.

Once again, Thank You to those who shared in the Summerfest experience with me and Thank You to those who followed along by reading this blog.

354 days until Summerfest 2011!!!

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  1. No worries about the streak Mike... time to move on :)