Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summerfest 2010 - Day 9, Friday, July 2

The ninth day of Summerfest is brought to you by Lakefront's Monkey Wheat Ale and Wong's Wok. Well, that's what I had for dinner last night anyways. Beautiful weather and another fantastic day at Summerfest. Lazy day before going down to the grounds. A few rounds of frolf (backyard frisbee golf) and a few beers. Arrived about 7:00pm I believe and the stage was once again insanely packed with people. I had anticipated the Scorpions to be a huge draw for fans based on their popularity, longevity, and this is their farewell tour. Found some seats in the back just in front of the sound tower. 

The warm up band was a cover band called Johnny Wad. They were okay but not as good as The Barbeez from Thursday. Definitely an older crowd tonight. We took turns going to eat. This is where things took a little different of a turn. When I left to eat, I went to Wong's Wok as mentioned. Then I walked around a little bit. It was about 8:00pm so I walked over to the U.S. Cellular Stage to try to see/listen to The Heavy.  They sing the song called How You Like Me Now which is featured in a Kia commercial.  That stage was insanely packed too.  Didn't stay very long there. I walked around some more and then made my way back to the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse.  Guess I shouldn't have left because I could barely move. Closest I actually got to where my friends were sitting was about 50 yards to the left. No worries.

The Scorpions put on a great show! They played all of their classic hits - Holiday, The Zoo, Bad Boys Running Wild, and my personal favorite Big City Nights. Their encore songs were No One Like You, Winds of Change, and Rock You Like a Hurricane. They didn't move around stage like they did when I saw them back in 1988, but they were good. Fulfilled my retro requirement for Summerfest.  Usually see at least one older band.

Let me tell you about something interesting. Let me tell you about the shirt I was wearing. I was wearing a shirt with the word "GIVE" on it. The GIVE shirt was created by a friend of a friend to try to spread the word about giving to others without asking for anything in return...the emphasis is on others and not yourself. I encourage you to check out the website at All proceeds from the sale of this shirt are given to charity. So, as I was saying, I was wearing my GIVE shirt last night and it garnered attention that I hadn't expected. Several people asked me about the shirt and I got into some interesting conversations about giving. This one woman came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and asked me "What if I asked you to give me your shirt?." Hahahaha. I wasn't expecting that. Kind of caught me at a loss for words. Then she asked me about switching shirts, but I told her that I wouldn't look good in ruffly shirts. 

Today is Day 10. My Summerfest crew is dwindling. Just me and one other guy heading down tonight. Though I'm sure that thousands of my other friends will be there. Tonight I see Framing Hanley and Flyleaf at THECOOLTV Rock Stage.

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