Friday, June 25, 2010

First night of Summerfest 2010

First night of Summerfest was really good. Got in the gate about 6pm. Grabbed a cold Blue Moon and headed to THECOOLTV stage for some good rock n roll! Well lookie for me in the front row. Great seats to enjoy the shows.

First band up was American Motherload at 6:30. American Motherload is from Chicago. Apparently they had taken a couple years off since there last appearance at Summerfest in 2007. This is a really good heavy rock band. Hope they stick around. I look forward to seeing them again. Did a cover of Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown.

The 8:00 show as Beatallica. Now I had seen their name here and there but never had an itch to listen to them. Talking to some of the fans there to see them, they said that if you took the Beatles and Metallica and mashed them together, you get Beatallica. I thought "Interesting"..."I love the Beatles and I love Metallica, this should be interesting". Reminds me of that episode of Friends where Rachel mixes up the recipes for Shepards Pie and a Truffle and when Joey eats it, he says, "What's not to like? Meat? GOOD! Jam? GOOD!" HAHAHA.......ANYWAYS...Beatallica absolutely BLOW!!! I actually HATED them for completely screwing up my Beatles songs and my Metallica songs!! I found myself not knowing what to do. I was glad when it was over.

Opening night fireworks. Very surprised at the lack of people. More than half the bleachers were still open. I can remember opening night with Drowning Pool a couple years ago and it was packed. Oh well...I was in the front row!

Headliner was the Lovehammers. I really like this band. Some of you may remember Marty Casey (Lead singer) from the television competition Rock Star: INXS when the band was searching for its next lead singer. Lovehammers have been around for a while. They put on a great show! Marty jumped into the sparse crowd, as he usually does. Great energy! Great show!

Today is Day 2. On tap for tonight...311...or...The Gracious Few (a band comprised of members of Candlebox and Live, including Candlebox' Kevin Martin on vocals). Have to wait and see which one I see.

Stay tuned...

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