Monday, June 28, 2010

Summerfest 2010 - Day 4, Sunday, June 27

As the quest continues, Day 4 brought a different genre of music - alternative/pop/rock/funk - a definite change of gears from previous days, but a welcome change. Rain earlier in the day brought in some humidity, but a cold beer always helps keep you cool. Tonight's beer of choice was Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat.

Arrived at the Summerfest grounds about 6:00pm. Settled in row 4 just right of center for the night's festivities. On tap was three very new alternative bands - Civil Twilight, Paper Tongues, and Neon Trees - each with only one album released.

Civil Twilight was just a three piece band from South Africa. They have had some of their songs featured on TV shows such as One Tree Hill and House. Probably their most popular song is Letters From The Sky which was featured on One Tree Hill. Good 6:30ish warm up for the night.

The 8:00pm act was the band that I wanted to see most this night, Paper Tongues. I really liked their album. Good stuff. I do recommend checking them out. Lot of guys on stage...drummer, 2 keyboardists, bass player, 2 guitarists, and a singer/rapper. Paper Tongues performed with a lot of energy. Excellent show. Everyone dancing and singing along. Felt bad for one of the guitarist who was fixing his guitar for the first three songs. Paper Tongues didn't miss a beat though.

10:00pm headliner was Neon Trees. Now I didn't like their album as much as Paper Tongues, but they made up for it with a powerful, energetic concert. Lead singer had on some weird white jumpsuit with neon lights wrapped around the arms. Love the mohawk-mullet too! Another female drummer. Have I mentioned that female drummers are Hot?!! Day 4 was successful. Did not disappoint.

Day 5 will bring on Hawthorne Heights, an alternative rock scream-o band.

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