Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summerfest 2010 - Day 5, Monday, June 28

Day 5 is in the books and another great night at Summerfest. Well, what would you expect anyways?! Great music, great beer, and thousands of your closest friends. What's not to like about that?! Someone suggested that I write about the food there too. Well, I really haven't sampled any of the food from the many great places to eat at Summerfest. We've barbecued and eaten before going down and then heading straight to the stage. I will be sure to write about the food when we do eat down there.  The beer on the other hand is cold and plentiful. Just what you would expect in Milwaukee, WI, a.k.a. "Brew City."

Weather down at the lake front was cooler and windy. Had to wear a long sleeve shirt. Certainly didn't detract from the good times to be had. Straight over to the U.S. Cellular stage to grab seats on the bleachers. Row 4 again. Heard/Saw the last one or two songs from The Alumni Club. Nothing special there. Not even paying attention to them. Thought the lead singer looked like Jani Lane of Warrant. When my friends and I review bands, we have  rule that we have to hear/listen to at least three songs to consider them for the post-Summerfest rankings.  Yes, each of us rank the bands we saw from worst to best. My rankings this year will be a lot longer than in years past.

The 8:00pm band was New Medicine. I had nothing to go on these guys. Never heard any of their music. Went in blind and deaf to this one, because we were mainly there to see the headliner. New Medicine was pretty good though. Not good enough to make me want to buy their album, but didn't put me to sleep either. Did a cover of John Fogerty's Fortunate Son.

10:00pm rolls around and the main event for this stage comes on stage...Hawthorne Heights. These guys are an alternative/punk/rock/screamo kind of band. I have all their albums and really like them. Their last two albums not as great as the first two. However, the live performance of the songs from those albums turned out to be much better! Played all of my favorites, including Ohio Is For Lovers. The only major drawback was their incessant self-promotion in between each song...asking the crowd to buy their cd and a tshirt. Though they did say the high fives were free. Other than that, a great show.

Hawthorne Heights ended at about 11:00pm, yet other stages were still rockin'. So we headed over the THECOOLTV Rock Stage to catch the end of Saliva.  Pleasant surprise as we weren't really expecting to see them at all.  But, hey, why not?!  Caught the last three songs of their set... Ladies and Gentlemen, Always, and Your Disease. Sorry, I'm still not impressed with Saliva. Somewhere along the way they got really soft, but those three songs are probably three of their best.

Today is Day 6 for me. Golfed 18 holes today. Beautiful day for golf. Tonight's lineup consist of the one band at Summerfest 2010 that I want to see most, The Last Vegas at 8:00pm and Papa Roach at 10:00pm.

Rock on!!

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like your having a blast, Rock On!