Friday, July 8, 2011

Three Days Left...Three Tickets Remain

Now I'm starting to feel bad about not going to Summerfest last Tuesday. Especially since I'm going the remaining three days, making for a total of 10.  I'm chalking it up to a less than stellar lineup on Tuesday. Either way, 10 out of 11 is still pretty good.

Last night was a floater night. I floated from stage to stage catching several different bands. I started with Here Come the Mummies at 8pm. They were at Summerfest last year and were a lot of fun. They didn't disappoint this year either. All dressed up like mummies, they play a lot of fun songs that have adult undertones to the lyrics. Good time for sure. I didn't stay for the entire set. Instead I went over to the Rock Stage to catch a little bit of Pop Evil. I saw them a couple years ago at The Rave. They look and sound like a band lost from the 80's but maybe with a bit more of a modern metal edge. When I first walked up on the stage, the guitarist was in the middle of a long guitar solo, something you don't see often from bands nowadays. From there I went and caught the Division BMX Stunt Team. I know it's not a band, but these kids are amazing. My friends and I were into BMX trick riding and skateboarding when we were younger. Were weren't nearly as good as these kids though. Watching the show reminded me of when my friends and I used to watch and hang out with the Mountain Dew GT Trick team back in the 80's. I think we all aspired to be as good as these kids, but just didn't have it in us. Fun times for sure.

Moving on from the stunt team, I caught a few songs from Kansas, including Carry On Wayward Son. Bands like Kansas, Styx, and REO Speedwagon don't endure lengthy careers by being terrible performers. They all still put on great shows some 30 years later. After singing Carry On Wayward Son, I left to check out Michael Franti. Not necessarily my preferred type of music, but it was good. Stage was packed. Speaking of packed stages, the 102.1 stage was insanely packed with people wanting to see Edward Sharpe and teh Magnetic Zeros. I'm not even sure who they are.

I have added pictures from the last couple of days. Check out my earlier posts for the link.

Tonight is a flip of the coin night. Do I see Dropkick Murphys? Do I see Sevendust? Or do I see Middle Class Rut / Crash Kings?  Whichever I choose, I'm sure it will be yet another great night at Summerfest!

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