Sunday, July 10, 2011

Everybody Wants to Live, How They Wanna Live

One of the great things about Summerfest is that you can walk from stage to stage to stage and listen to a different band from a different genre. With 11 stages to choose from, there is always a live band to listen to. Last night was one of those nights that I went from stage to stage. I started with a walk around the grounds to get food and do some people watching, which is always awesome. I stopped at the M&I Classic Rock stage and listened to Bad Medicine, a Bon Jovi tribute band. A few songs from them and then off to the U.S. Cellular Connection stage to check out the Meat Puppets. I am only familiar with probably their most popular song, Backwater. A very eclectic band that has been around a while. Their songs range from country to folk to punk. Well, after Backwater, I headed over to the Rock Stage to see The Last Vegas. They were at Summerfest last year and I thought they were better on cd than live. They might have been a little more tolerable this time around. They are still a band that is stuck in the 80's though. They did a cover of Alice Cooper's School's Out.

While my friends settled in for Buckcherry, I went 'walk about'. I've seen Buckcherry twice before and I'm just not a fan. They guy's voice is annoying to me and their music is nothing special. I ended up stopping at The Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard stage and listened to the BoDeans, from Waukesha, WI. Obviously very popular as the stage was packed. They opened with Closer to Free, the theme song to Friends. After a few more songs, I moved over to the Harley Davidson Roadhouse stage to attempt to listen to The Flaming Lips. Whatever song they were playing was a bit too trippy. I didn't stick around to see if they would play She Don't Use Jelly. I walked over to the Miller Lite stage and listened to Dashboard Confessional. I'm not a big fan of this band either, but the few songs I heard were pretty good. When I walked up to the stage, they started playing Bryan Adams' Summer of 69. At least two more decent songs from them before they started playing their more melodramatic material. Time to move on. I ended up back over at the Briggs & Stratton stage to catch the BoDeans' last song, Good Things.

Six stages and six different bands. Another great night of music and fun. Today is the last day of Summerfest. It has been a fantastic week so far. Tonight I'm seeing 10 Years and Hollywood Undead. Should be a good night!

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