Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Night of Great Music at Summerfest

Last night made Day 8 for me at Summerfest and a great night of music it was! As soon as I arrived, I went over to the Rock Stage to catch The Heroes Lie. They are a Milwaukee, WI band that I had first seen at one of the Summerfest Headliner Release parties back in April. I thought they were good at a small bar and wanted to see how they performed on a larger stage. Larger venue usually means more amps and speakers and louder music. They were good and should be a band to watch in the future.

After a little walk to get some food and a couple Big Gig IPAs, I stopped at the U.S. Cellular Connection stage to check out Middle Class Rut. They have one album and their most popular song, New Low, has been playing on the radio. The music video for this song shows two guys walking down a lonely highway. What I hadn't realized was that there were only two guys in the band, a guitarist and a drummer. Wow! I was very impressed with the sound they generated. The drummer, who resembled a young Dennis Quaid, was really good. He was very energetic and played with passion. The only drawback to this band was the long intros to each song. But, I suppose if you only have one album, you need to fill up the time somehow. Certainly better than talking.  After they played New Low, I headed back over to the Rock Stage to see Sevendust.

Sevendust always puts on a great show. They kill it every time. This show, however, was a bit different than previous shows I've seen. They seemed to have left something on the table. When they came our for an encore, they only played one song and were done pretty early. Morgan, the drummer, is always great to watch. I think he is one of the absolute best metal drummers out there, hands down. The guy is amazing!

Well, since Sevendust finished early, I headed over to the Miller Lite stage where the Goo Goo Dolls were playing. Stage was packed and from way back I listened to them play Iris before heading back. Then as I was walking past the U.S. Cellular Connection stage, the Crash Kings started jamming a cover of Black Sabbath's War Pigs.  Awesome!!  War Pigs was the theme song or war song for my high school football team my senior year. Great song! Great performance!

There are two days left of Summerfest 2011 and I'm going to both. Tonight may end up being another walkabout night. Whatever I decide to do and whichever band I see, Summerfest is always a great time!

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