Friday, July 1, 2011

Riding the Storm Out

As I mentioned yesterday, there wasn't a band that I definitely wanted to see last night, so I saw a few of them. Normally I show up and hang out at one stage, but last night I spent time at a few.  Once there, I walked down to the newly renovated Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard stage at the South end of the grounds. It's really nice. This area is also where they are serving the new Summerfest beer, Big Gig IPA, which is brewed by Tenth and Black Beer Company, a division of MillerCoors focused on craft and imports. Very good!  Made my way over to Jo Jo's Martini Lounge for a tasty martini. Have to visit Jo Jo's at least once every Summerfest. I then headed over to catch some of Neon Trees. The stage was packed, but that was expected. I saw them last year anyways. After a few songs, I made my way over to the M&I Classic Rock Stage to catch some of REO Speedwagon's set. They may be getting up there in age, but they still sing and play really well. Heard a few of the favorites including Keep On Loving You and You Can't Fight This Feeling. After just a few songs from REO, I went to the Miller Lite stage to catch Better Then Ezra. Saw them two years ago. They were good then and they were good last night. They really put on a fantastic performance! Very entertaining! Their drummer is amazing!! During one of their songs they slipped into a cover of Kanye West, who was performing last night also. Another great night!

This morning we went golfing. We normally get out there at least once during Summerfest. I'm not so sure it was the best idea though. There was a heat advisory and if it weren't for the breezy conditions it may have affected us more. As it was, the golf wasn't that great, but we had a great time.

Tonight is Day 3. On the schedule to see tonight is The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They were at Summerfest last year and didn't even finish their set because the lead singer had voice problems. So I'm giving them one more chance. I really like their music, but their live performances leave something to be desired. If they bomb, then I may skip over to see Anberlin, Styx, or one of the other stages.

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