Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Best Is Yet To Come

Yesterday's Summerfest schedule wasn't anything special. I nearly didn't go down, but since a couple friends came into town, we went. Some of the bands performing last night were Maroon 5, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Hinder. We walked around the grounds for a bit of people watching and enjoying some of the fine frothy beverages. The Miller Lite stage where Maroon 5 was to play was already packed. Apparently they were the most popular act playing last night. We made our way around to the Rock Stage and watched Greek Fire. I've only heard one of their songs on the radio recently and liked it. They were good and I would see them again. May have to look into picking up their album.

After Greek Fire finished, we stopped at the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Stage. This is a smaller stage settled in between the Rock Stage and the U.S. Cellular Connection Stage that showcases a lot of local and regional bands. We watched a band called The Invaders. They were kind of an Irish punk band with a sound similar to Rancid. I think the crowd at this small stage was bigger than the crowd for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. 

We moved back over to the Rock Stage and stood in the back for Hinder. I'm not a huge fan of Hinder, but they sure put on a good show. The differences in performances between a band like Hinder and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are like night and day. I hate to keep harping on RJA, but they really were terrible and need to polish their live performances significantly. We eventually made our way into the back of the bleacher section probably about 10 rows in as people started to leave even before they came out for their encore, Get Stoned. Even though I'm not a huge fan, it was a good rock show. It was also unusual that I nearly got a drum stick all the way in the back. The drummer really chucked it. 

I've debated on when I was going to post pictures. Maybe tomorrow I'll share pictures from the first weekend. Stay tuned.

Today is one of the Summerfest days I have been looking forward to most...Rise Against! They are such a great band and always an awesome live show! 

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