Monday, July 11, 2011

Summerfest 2011 - Another Year Over, Another One Just Begun

Yesterday was the last day of Summerfest 2011 and it was a great way to end it. I've been to the last day of Summerfest the last three years and this may have been the best final day of them all! Performing on this night were two of the three bands I most wanted to see going into this year's Fest, 10 Years and Hollywood Undead. Would they deliver? Hell yeah they did!

Upon arrival at the grounds, I was surprised to see that the Rock Stage was already more than half full and with a much younger crowd. I certainly wasn't sure what to expect. Hollywood Undead, if you aren't familiar with them, mix heavy metal and rap with strong lyrics into a fairly unique sound. Would they attract a more metal crowd? Or would they attract a more rap crowd? No to both questions. This band is obviously very popular with they late teens to twenties crowd. Not a lot of people drinking beer next to me that was for sure.

Caught the last few songs from Dirge Within, a growler band. A lot of heavy guitars and growling from these guys. Then 10 Years took the stage. I like this band a lot and I like them even more after seeing them live. Great sound! Great band! I recommend seeing them. After 10 Years, things got a little interesting at the Rock Stage. As a matter of fact, things got really interesting. When you have a crowd of young people waiting for a band, they sometimes get a little antsy, even a little rambunctious. One kid throws a water bottle from the front to the back of the bleachers. Another kid throws one back. Next thing you know, it all out chaos and I'm right in the middle of it. Awesome! Water bottles flying...plastic cups being tossed...soda...playing cards...crazy! The melee must have lasted about 40 minutes and ended just before Hollywood Undead took the stage. Like I explained previously, they have a unique blend of metal and rap and they came out and blew it up. Non stop action. They definitely knew how to get the crowd involved. I'm not sure how musically talented they are, but they certainly are awesome performers. Great end to another great Summerfest!

So another year over and another one just begun. 351 days until next year's Summerfest!  But there will certainly be concerts between now and then. In fact, I'm heading to Oshkosh, WI this weekend for Rock USA 2011. There I will see Kindred Soul, Road Trip, Dokken, Hollywood Undead, Korn, and KISS. Also planning on seeing Evans Blue in August.

Summerfest postings aren't quite done though. I'll write up one final review and award the 2011 Summerfest Superlatives.  Stay tuned...

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