Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's August

It's been a couple weeks since my last post, which was right after my 20-Year high school reunion. Cool thing about that is my classmates and I are still talking about the great time we had. Maybe there will be a 25th. Have to wait and see. Life and time march on though.

Today is August 1, the first day of the month in which I was born. Not just me though, my dad and my grandfather also celebrate birthdays in August...actually both my grandfathers celebrate birthdays in August, but my mom's dad is no longer with us. My brother is hopefully scheduled to return from Iraq in August. My cousin is also coming back from Afghanistan for a short break. Unfortunately, he has to go back.  My thoughts and prayers are with both of them. I hope they each know that I would put on a uniform and join them if I could. Family are trying to put together another big party to celebrate birthdays and welcome home my brother and cousin. I will do my best to make it out there. Would be great to see them.

August also means that we are on the back half of Summer. I have often felt that Summerfest was the middle of the Summer. Since Summerfest and my reunion, I've been trying to enjoy as much of the weather as I can. For me, that means as much golf as I can get in. I'm in a golf league on Tuesdays.  This past Tuesday, my partner wasn't there and I nearly single-handedly beat the golf pro and his partner. Yes my handicap evened it out, but I played well enough that they needed to win the last hole to secure the victory. To say the least, I was pleasantly satisfied with my round. There will be golf today too, as there is every weekend.

August also means that I need to register for Fall classes. Since 2008, I've been attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in information systems and technology. I only have three more classes left to take - two this Fall and my senior capstone next Spring. I'm very excited to be this close to finishing. Working full time and taking classes can be a lot to take on, but I make it work. I have also been extremely fortunate to have been able to use the Montgomery GI Bill education benefits afforded to me from my military service. These benefits will have paid for all but one class for both of my degrees (I have an Associates also).

Lots going on in August. Lots to do and lots to prepare, school, and the future. But since the sun is shining today, it's time for me to hit the links.  Hope you are enjoying your Summer too!

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