Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Even though, as I've mentioned, the music lineup at Summerfest 2013 isn't as good as I had hoped,  and the weather has been cooler this year, this has been a pretty awesome vacation so far. Let me catch you up on the last few days. Monday, Summerfest was closed. The weather was gorgeous, so we did some landscaping. Certainly not the typical type of fun I normally have, but it was good to hang with my brother all day. Tuesday we went back down to the Summerfest grounds. Met up with a few friends who were going to see NKOTB and the Package Tour. Not us though. Hah! No band that we really wanted to see, so we just walked around. Caught the first few songs from Styx and then we did something that I've never done before...went home early. Yikes! The combination of yard work, sun, and lack of good bands, we were beat.

Wednesday saw a return to the action. I scored some blue seat tickets, 11th row center, from a good friend of mine. Also got tickets to the Captain's Deck for the rest of the weekend. It's a balcony area above the concessions. Great place for people watching. Comes with three beers each. Very nice! Very appreciative of my friend who gave them to me!

Yes...that reads "THE GO GO'S" on those tickets. Free tickets to see Pitbull last Sunday...Why not?!  Free tickets to see The Go Go's?  Absolutely! I'll be honest, my inner 15-year-old self was drooling a little. I had a crush on Belinda Carlisle as a young teen. That crush all came back last night. Even at 55 years young, she is still beautiful! I may have screamed "I Love You Belinda" a few times.  Hahaha

But what I wasn't expecting was to see a really great show. I know many of their songs, but never saw them perform live. Rocking songs. Amazing vocals. Powerful music. Really great show. Opened with "Get Up and Go" and rolled right into "Vacation". In the middle, Belinda sung "Mad About You" from her solo stuff. They did an awesome cover of The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated". Just like 4th of July fireworks, they finished with a great grand finale of "Head Over Heals", "Our Lips Are Sealed", and a medley of KISS' "Rock N Roll ALL Night" that flowed into "We Got the Beat". Absolutely glad that we went...and THANK YOU again to my friend for the sweet tickets!!   I've added pictures here.

Today is July 4th, Independence Day. I'll take a moment here to give a hearty Thank You to all of my brothers and sisters in uniform. Thank You to all who have served in the armed forces, past, present, and future. To all those serving overseas, away from their families, and those deployed to hazardous locations, be strong, be safe, and come home soon. Semper Fi!

Tonight, my brother has a ticket to see Rush. I told my brother that I wasn't a fan, so if he bought tickets, he should buy one. He'll have a great time.  I'm going to see Skillet most likely.  There's a good chance he may make the end of the Skillet show. We'll see.

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