Thursday, May 9, 2013

The great year for concerts continues

I've been fortunate to have seen some amazing concerts so far in 2013 and the year isn't even half way over. In January, I was 'Kicked in the Teeth' by Papa Roach and Stone Sour. February 1st brought Soundgarden to The Rave after nearly twenty years away. Killer! In March, I saw the Lovehammers, from Chicago, at a small bar (Club Garibaldi) here in Bay View, WI. April brought me a couple of different shows in The Joy Formidable and The Revival Tour, which was a collection of guys from different bands, including Chuck Ragan from Hot Water Music and Tim McIlrath from Rise Against, playing each others songs acoustically. Totally amazing! Last night, May 8th, I saw what will be the first of three concerts yet in May of 2013...Shinedown with Bush and Airbourne.

Airbourne is from Australia and they look like the were dropped right out of the 80's. It was like time stood still. You could definitely hear the AC/DC influences in their songs. In fact, on a few of the songs, I thought they were going to do covers. They ended up being background music. Not completely terrible, but I'm not buying a CD either.

After a short intermission, Bush takes the stage. This is the 4th time I've seen them since 2011 and every single time has been nothing short of a great show. Not only do they have great songs, but I enjoy the fact that they just come out and rock your face off. No theatrics. Just performing hit after hit after hit. It was really cool to see Gavin get off stage and get up to the balcony and mingle with the fans up there, something I'm not sure I've seen any other singer do at The Rave. It's obvious he enjoys getting close to the crowd.

Bush's Setlist
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Headlining the evening was none other than Shinedown. Third time I've seen them. Once at Summerfest 2009 and the other time was an unplugged, acoustic show at the Riverside Theater. The acoustic show was fantastic! Last night was amazing!  I can remember when I first heard Shinedown on MTV years ago. It was a video for their cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man. I remember thinking that this guy had such an amazingly, powerful voice. Watching them last night only made me believe that more. Brent Smith is up there as one of the best, most powerful, rock vocalists out there. With as much talent that is out there, that's saying something. Simply amazing! Shinedown powered through fourteen songs and every one of them was solid. I look forward to seeing them again.

Shinedown's Setlist

You are probably wondering where the pictures are?  Here they are.

I mentioned that this was one of three concerts in May. Coming up are Alice in Chains and Bullet For My Valentine with Halestorm and Young Guns.  All you music lovers out there who enjoy good, new rock bands should check out Young Guns. They are good.

Until next time...ROCK ON!!

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