Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You don't bring me pleasure

You just bring me pain and nothing in between

For the third Wednesday in a row, I saw yet another amazing concert at The Rave. First it was Shinedown and Bush, then it was Alice in Chains. Last week it was Bullet For My Valentine with special guests, Halestorm and Young Guns. If these three shows were the only concerts I get to see this year, then I can definitely live with that. So amazing! So awesome!!  The year isn't even half over yet. Summerfest is a month away. Who knows what other amazing bands will make their way through Wisconsin before year's end?!

Opening band for this night was Stars on Stereo. Young rock band with a female lead singer. I've made it no secret how I feel about female rock vocalists. Not all do it for me. This young lady was good. Band had good energy. I didn't know any of their songs, but she did a fantastic cover of Aerosmith's Dream On.

Next up was another young band out of London, Young Guns. Just two albums out, but their latest album, Bones, is a must listen for any rock fan. If Stars on Stereo had energy, these guys were on speed or had several red bulls before hitting the stage. Great set. Definitely recommend you check this band out!

After Young Guns, it was Halestorm. Saw this band for the first time at Summerfest 2012. I was quite impressed then and I'm still impressed now. I was much closer this time around than last year. The show was nonstop rock all the way through. Lzzy is still hot and has probably the absolute best female rock vocals today! And I still believe her drummer brother, Arejay, is the human version of the Muppets' Animal. Another must see band!

Headlining this evening was a band that quickly became my most favorite band since I first heard Metallica. Bullet For My Valentine have been my 21st Century "Metallica". Since I heard my first song from them, "Tears Don't Fall", I was hooked. This is my second time seeing them live. The first time being back in 2010.  Absolutely amazing metal band!

"Of Fortuna" plays just before Bullet For My Valentine take the stage. They rip right into a song of their latest album, Temper Temper, called "Breaking Point." After that is was song after killer song, including "Your Betrayal", "Waking the Demon", "Riot", "The Last Fight", all hell, checkout the setlist below. All of the songs were awesome!!

Check out pictures from the show.

Even after they bonus encore of "Begging for Mercy", I was still wanting more. But, alas, no more concerts scheduled until Summerfest. Summerfest should be a good time...it always is. But don't tell my brother that I'm not exactly thrilled with this year's lineup. Maybe I'm spoiled because I get to go to Summerfest every year, because it's in my own back yard. Maybe I'm spoiled because I get to see so many great bands at a great venue like The Rave, which is also just minutes away. I won't even mention The Riverside Theater, Turner Hall, or any of the other smaller venues. Being a diehard music lover like myself, who goes to dozens of concerts each year, even I know that there will be times that I'll be less than satisfied. You can tell my brother this though...we will have an amazing time. Summerfest is amazing and sharing it with my brother is pretty cool!

Until the next show, keep rocking!!

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