Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summerfest will continue after a brief intermission

Last year Summerfest closed on the one Monday in the middle of the 11 day festival. They did it again this year. Marketing analysis showed that this was the least attended day for the last several years, so they decided to close and use it as an opportunity to restock. I'm glad I did the 11 days straight back in 2010 when it really was 11 days straight with no break in between.  

My brother and I did end up going to Summerfest on Sunday. It turned out to be a walkabout day. No bands that we really wanted to see, so we walked around and stopped at different stages and checked out the booths and vendors there. People watching is always a premium! 

We did spend some time at the Rock Stage. Listened to a young Chicago band called Kessler and met them afterwards. Then we watched another young metal band from Kenosha, WI...Lazarus AD. Really good metal band with a little bit of growling vocals. I wouldn't be surprised if they began to take off.  

Today is the beginning of the second half of Summerfest. Tonight we see Skillet. Saw them at Summerfest 2010...amazing show!  Expect another amazing performance tonight.  Time to go.  Stay tuned!  ROCK ON!!

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