Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm Awake, I'm Alive

Oh yeah, what another absolutely amazing show last night from Skillet!! Two years ago, at Summerfest 2010, this band surprised us by putting on one of the very best concerts I have seen at Summerfest. I remember rating them as my biggest surprise and best performance that year. Two years later, I was expecting at least the same, but it was better. One of the main reasons it was better was the fact we were a lot closer to the stage than in 2010. I've written in the past about how there is a definite correlation between how close you are to the stage and how much you get out of a much you enjoy it. Summerfest 2012 is proving my theory to be correct.

Before Skillet took the stage, we had to sit through a couple other bands, the Ken Saydak Band, which was merely bluesy background music, and Fools For Rowan, who I described in my Summerfest 2011 review as being 'utterly forgettable'...they were. Not impressed again.

In the seven years or so that I've been going to Summerfest, never have I seen a band put on such a stage performance as Skillet does. What makes it even better is that their songs and their lyrics are awesome. They had two elevators, one on each side of the stage, where members of the band would be elevated up and down during portions of the show. The drum set elevated as well and also spun around during Jen Ledger's solo (Jen Ledger is an amazing drummer and she's gorgeous too!).  Add smoke machines, fire, explosions, sparkler wheels, and spark fountains and you get one hell of a show. 

So far this has been an amazing Summerfest, which is somewhat of a surprise since initially the music lineups weren't that great. Then they announced bands like Skillet, Scorpions, and the Foo Fighters. They could have stopped there and I would have been happy, but it only gets better.  Tonight I see a band that I grew up a huge fan of but, for one reason or another, have not had the chance to see live yet...Iron Maiden! Making a rare U.S. tour, I will finally get to see this amazing metal band live! Alice Cooper is the opening act. Rock on!!

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  1. Kinda reminded me of the Nickelback show!