Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summerfest Day #7

The first six days have been a lot of fun, as expected. What's there not to love about live music, tasty beer, and thousands of friends. I may need a food detox after Summerfest is over. Did I mention the crazy weather we've been having. Unseasonably cold, very erratic temperatures, and high winds that are taking out trees all over the place. I had one, fairly large branch that came off a tree in my back yard and was leaning on wires. Fortunately it was the cable wire and not power lines. Otherwise just a bunch of loose branches to clean up. I was lucky as others in the neighborhood were hit worse.

Summerfest was closed on Monday, but we were back on Tuesday. Arrived about 2:30, just in time to see Ed Kowalczyk, lead singer of the band Live. He's been gonig solo since about 2010 and has a couple of solo albums out. I have one friend who was telling us that it might be a snoozer. As soon as Ed kicked into the first notes of Live's All Over You, I turned to my friend and declared, "F**k Chad!". Ed's setlist was littered with Live songs, including Selling the Drama, The Dolphin's Cry, I Alone, and Lightning Crashes. Quite possibly the best 3PM show I've ever seen at Summerfest!

After a bit of walking around, people watching, and beer, we stopped in to check out Rusted Root for a couple songs. Meh. Then we headed over to catch Switchfoot for a few. Heard my favorite song from them, Dark Horses. I was happy about that.

Today is the seventh day of Summerfest 2014 and one of my more highly anticipated days this year. Tonight we get our faces kicked in by Rise Against!  Rock on!

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