Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summerfest 2014: Opening Day in the books!

Opening Day of Summerfest 2014 is in the books. It was a fairly uneventful opener though. Fireworks were postponed until tonight. Judging by the crowds, it was well attended. Of course, opening day usually is. Hell, we've been waiting 365 days for Summerfest to come back. Definitely one of the colder nights that I've experienced, but, unlike previous years where I didn't dress appropriately and was forced to buy a sweatshirt, I was prepared last night. People watching was, and is, always epic. Took notice of teenage fashion, or lack there of. I mean, seriously, some of the things these young kids choose to wear. Head bands and high waisted pants on the girls reminded me of Pat Benatar in the early 80s. The guys were like the douchy rich kids from Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful...long sleeve, button down shirts with shorts and loafers. I guess fashion is cyclical. I'm not buying it though.

Anyways, I saw Arctic Monkeys last night. Not necessarily a huge fan, but it was one of the better options. Heck, if Metallica invites them to their Orion festival, they are worth checking out, right? Not a bad show. I've certainly seen worse. Bit of a snoozer midway through. You can hear influences of The Beatles and early 70s Aerosmith in their sound. Ahh any night at Summerfest is a better night than at home. Tonight I think it may be Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  Stay tuned and Rock on!

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