Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Trapt!

I saw another great concert last Friday...Trapt at the Brat Stop. It was the pre-party for WIIL Rock Fest (which I didn't go to). I went to last year's pre-party as well and saw Pop Evil and Evans Blue. At that time, Evans Blue was a band that I had been waiting to see for a few years and they finally came around. I've been wanting to see Trapt in concert for several years now as well and I finally saw them. It was a fantastic show!

The two bands performing before Trapt were The Dreaming and Royal Bliss. The Dreaming was an interesting band and surprisingly had decent following. It became clear once I learned that the lead singer and the drummer were original members of the band Stabbing Westward. Nearly half of their setlist contained Stabbing Westward songs, including this one that you might remember...

I wasn't familiar with Royal Bliss at all. They apparently tour the Southeastern Wisconsin scene a lot. Royal Bliss are a modern rock band with some good, heavy, rock and roll sound. Though I was uncertain in the beginning, I thought they rocked.

The headliner this night, and the sole reason for attending this show, was Trapt. Trapt are from California and  have had numerous hits from their four studio albums including Echo, Stand Up, and the one everyone knows, Headstrong. They also played Still Frame, End Of My Rope, Contagious, and three songs from their new album due out in November. Here are some pics.  It was a great show! I look forward to seeing them again!

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