Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's here!!!!

351 days ago, I was walking out of Henry Maier Festival Park after watching Hollywood Undead. The completion of another fantastically entertaining Summerfest. Well, it's here again folks! Such an exciting time of year here in Milwaukee, WI as the city comes alive with hoards of music fans and festival goers. As per usual, I'm taking time off from work for the entire 11 days. Initially, the 2012 lineup was a bit lacking of bands that I've been really wanting to see, but there are still a number of great bands to see. I could give up the names of some of the bands that I will see, but, just as in years past, which bands I see could change daily.  I will say that this is the first year that I have actually purchased tickets to see bands at the Marcus Amphitheater...Foo Fighters (with Silversun Pickups) and Iron Maiden (with Alice Cooper). I'm very excited to see those two bands!  I'll fill you in on the other bands as the week unfolds.

Oh more exciting thing...after years of hearing me talk about Summerfest, my brother has decided he wants to check it out for himself. He's flying in Saturday, June 30th and staying through Sunday, July 8th. This week has the potential to be epic.


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