Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everybody Wants Some!!

I want some too!!  Saw Van Halen last night with my brother at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Awesome show!! To say that my brother and I have a great time every time we get together is an understatement. We always seem to have an awesome time. My brother had purchased two tickets to see Van Halen and had offered me one. So I jumped at the chance to see Van Halen with my brother and make it a rock star weekend. It has certainly been just that. I flew in Thursday and it's been nonstop good times since...pool, casino, tasty beer, family and friends, and more.

Thursday night we played pool and genuinely took it easy, well aside from all the beer we drank. Friday we went down to the casino. We had dinner and did a little bit of gambling. I didn't win though. We were surprised to find out that Filter was playing for free. Sweet deal! I've seen them several times over the last couple of years and they usually put on a good show. This one was a small stage inside the casino. Richard Patrick spent a considerable amount of time walking through the crowd and body surfing, even body surfing right over us. He was obviously high on something. I did get take some good pictures. I met up with an old high school friend who works at the casino. Great to see him.

Saturday was the night of the Van Halen concert. We started the day by heading to the Willimantic Brewing Company to sample their beer. This should be no surprise to those who know me.  The beer was excellent too! We then made our way back to the casino where we chilled, drank beer, and waited for the show, which was awesome!  Apparently this is the only date on their our that Kool & The Gang isn't playing, so we were treated to two full hours of Van Halen. David Lee Roth may not jump and kick like he did in 1984, but he definitely brought the energy. Eddie Van Halen's fingers are still as fast as ever. It was just an outstanding show from beginning to end! Check out the pictures and the setlist.

The party didn't stop after the show either. We made our way back and stopped at a bar called PYZZZ. This bar has been in existence for like 15 years yet I had never heard of it. So much has changed since I moved away. From there we went back to the pool hall where I ran into an old high school friend who I haven't seen in 20+ years. We ended up going to his house for more partying.  It was great to see him. Seems like every time I make my way back to CT, I have a great time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. I wish I could meet up with more of my friends, but that will have to wait until next time.


  1. Hey Mike -- Sounds like you had a great time!! Have read good things about the Van Halen tour. Good to hear that is what your experience was!!

  2. Just a side note...Richard Patrick has been completely clean since 2002...He just likes to act crazy to make the shows more fun.