Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The year is starting to shape up

Not a lot happening so far in 2012, though it has been a pretty good year to date. Only one or two small blemishes, but certainly nothing that is going to deter this from being a fantastic year. The 'opportunity' that I had mentioned previously didn't pan out. Yes, it was a job. Turns out they aren't really sure which direction they want to take with the position I had interviewed for and it may take a turn away from technology altogether. A bit of a bummer, but it was great to have people express interest in me, my skills, and the value I could bring to their company. It was a good morale booster, that is for sure.

I'm well on my way toward a personal goal I set for myself involving fitness and nutrition. I signed up with a personal trainer last October to kick my workouts into a new gear and educate myself about exercise and nutrition. I set goals of being fitter, leaner, and stronger by my 40th birthday as well as wanting to knock a couple minutes off my 5k run time. I'm definitely looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and seeing my progress.

No major concerts yet this year, but I did see a couple of local bands. In January I saw the 5 Card Studs again.  I saw them a couple times last year. They are a lot of fun. They describe themselves as "a unique blend of big-time Las Vegas attitude and ‘70’s TV game show schmaltz, all glossed over with a ‘washed-up lounge/wedding singer’ veneer"...a definite good time!  The other band I saw was called Choogy. A friend knew one of the band members and asked me to join her. They were your typical cover band and decent. Nice variety of music from different decades and genres. They even covered Lady GaGa. The surprise of the night was finding out that I knew one of the guitarists. I thought I recognized him and then it hit me. I met him through a mutual friend about five or six years ago. He said his band was formed in our mutual friend's basement. Interesting. It was good to see him.

The concert scene is starting to shape up. I already have tickets to see Nickelback, Bush, Seether, and My Darkest Days at the Bradley Center in May.  Couldn't pass up that lineup. Third row seats don't hurt either.  The first weekend in March, I am flying to CT to see Van Halen with my brother. That will definitely be a rock star trip! This week it was announced that Incubus is coming to Milwaukee in May as well. I've been wanting to see them for a while now so I'm going to see about scoring tickets for that show. Korn is here this month. I still may go to that one. Jonathan Davis, the lead singer, is debuting his brand new DJ set as his J Devil alter ego. Rock USA announced their lineup...I'm undecided about going to that venue again, but we'll see. I'm still waiting on lineup announcements for Rock Fest and to see if the Verge Music Festival will come back this year. Of course, Summerfest looms as well.  Stay tuned!  Keep on party rockin'!

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