Monday, January 26, 2009


Since my discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps in late 2000, I have been adjusting and rediscovering who Mike Barylski is, what I am capable of, and what I want to do. I started going back to school part-time in 2003 and graduated from WCTC in May 2008 with a two-year degree in their Computer Information Systems program area. Wanting to continue my path toward higher education, I looked into various colleges and ultimately chose the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am enrolled in UW-M's School of Information Systems for the Bachelor of Science Information Resources program. Because I work full-time, UW-M appealed to me because I could do the entire undergrad requirements online. The Fall 2008 semester was my first experience with online classes and I have to say that I enjoyed them, but they bring a whole new set of challenges than a normal classroom class offers.

Since moving to Wisconsin, I have rediscovered my love for music and specifically live music. Friends soon introduced me to Summerfest and I've quickly became a Summerfest addict. My friends and I now make an annual event surrounding Summerfest, taking the entire 11 days off of work, mixing in barbeques and a golf tournament. I stay on top of concerts in the area with one of my favorite sites

Over the last few years I have also spent a lot of time refining my golf game. I thoroughly enjoy playing golf and challenging myself. It's a game of patience and skill. I am constantly 'researching' ways to improve my game. I enjoy playing new courses all over Wisconsin. In addition to golf, I enjoy playing softball and generally anything outside. I enjoy running and working out and just last year have discovered 5Ks.

Last year a friend of mine goaded me into joining Facebook. I've looked at MySpace before but thought it was too juvenile for my liking. I liked the fact that you had to allow people to see you and your profile. Soon after I created my profile, I started connecting with old high school friends I haven't seen in nearly 20 years. I've moved around so much since high school that I've lost touch with my high school friends and even those that I served with through my years in the USMC. Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with them and rekindle those long lost friendships. Here in Wisconsin, I've often sat quietly while my WI friends shared stories about their youth in WI and high school stories. Facebook has given me the opportunity to remember my youth and share my high school stories with friends who experienced them as well.


  1. Hey Mike. That's crazy that you and your friends take the whole 11 days off of work for Summerfest, good for you! I like Summerfest too, it's always a fun time that's for sure! This summer actually my cousin took me to a driving range, and I thought it was going to be boring. But I actually did enjoy it and I had a little fun. I've always wanted to actually go on a course, but I think I would be absolutely awful!

  2. hey Mike! Im in the military currently (ANG), not quite the marine corps but I justed wanted to I appreciate your service to our country! Its funny how you said your rediscovering who mike barylski is. Its funny how being a part of the military can change a person without even realizing it. It just becomes a part of your life, and how different a life it is compared to a civilian life. You grew up on the east coast I see? I would love to move to out east after Im finished with school. so what made you move to wisconsin of all places?

  3. What's up, Mike?! My uncle was in the Marine Corps, too, and my brother was in the Army, so I understand second-hand about finding yourself. Music is a big part of my life as well. I try to incorporate it into everything I do. (You'll never see me w/o my iPod haha) But surprisingly, I've never been to Summerfest. I'll have to go this summer and see what all the hype is about! Facebook allowed me to reconnect with people back in elementary school, and it's so interesting seeing where they are now. I'm glad to here that you're doing well. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks All.
    Kim - Don't worry about looking bad on the course. You'd be surprised to find out that you aren't the only one with minimal golf skills.

    Mel - Thank you for your service as well. My brother is in the ANG as well back in CT. I moved to WI from AZ which was my last duty station in the Marines. Winters in WI make me ask myself why I ever left AZ, but I do like it here. I moved here because I had met someone...which didn't pan out, but I stayed. Who knows what will happen when I finish at UWM?

    Lauren - Once you go to Summerfest, you will be hooked! Promise!

    I look forward to getting to know you all this semester.